Official book!!

Hey guys!! Yeah it's been forever...Sorry.

But here's pics of the official 6x9 in. hardcover book. I'll have ordering info soon.

featured artists: 

all the best during this New Year!!!

Promotional Materials!

Much more imagery to come!! The show is in 5 days!!!!!

How to do your own Gibson Girl hair!

Illest of Ill: How to Gibson Girl from kyle mccullough on Vimeo.

Thanks to Kyle, Jasmin, and Jeff!

After Party

We are excited to announce the Illest of Ill After Party being held at Digital Three Studios!

10:30 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
Digital Three Studios:
1419 Blvd of the Arts – Sarasota Fl, 43236

Be sure to check back soon for more info!


Sarasota Olive Oil Company
has agreed to help with the show! This wonderful store offers a wide range of delicious olive oils, wines, and food.

Be sure to check them out at 500 Central Sarasota, FL 34236 (corner of 5th and Central)

Big E's Sweets and Gourmet:

Located just across the street from the Ringling Campus, this comfortable store offers

Gourmet Coffee, Chai tea & Sandwiches at reasonable prices. Free Inquiry Forum (Discussion) and Free entertainment. Smoothies, shakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and much more

2805 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL 34234


T-shirt Mockups

I hope classes are gonig well for everyone!

So here are mock-ups of the Illest of Ill '08 shirts. Right now we have 2 girl shirts (the yellow one by Francis Vallejo and the white one by Adrienne Benitez) and one guy shirt that Francis put together. We are talking to the printers now so we can't guarantee that the shirts will look exactly like these examples but we are looking to get extremely close! They are going to be printed on American Apparel (guys and girls) shirts in all sizes. All the money raised from sales, of course, goes back into the show, and if we sell in excess that money goes back into the department. So as soon as actual shirts begin printing we'll start taking pre-orders. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the shirts.

all the best,
::Illest Crew::

Sponsor: Art and Frame Sarasota

Hello Everyone,

Not too long ago Andy and Francis met with Art and Frame, Sarasota's local art store, to talk about possible sponsorship for the show... and it is a go! We have found out that they will give out awards for the Best of Show - including easels, canvases, baskets full of goodies, and gift certificates! A table will be set up outside the Illest show helping promote Art and Frame, as they give away gift baskets and coupons!

It's great to have a sponsor so early in the game, and we look forward to further endeavors with Art and Frame!

::Illest Crew::

Judges: Sam Weber & Jillian Tamaki

Hello everyone,

I'd like to to give an intro to our judges this year for show. We are fortunate to have two judges; Sam Weber, and his wife, Jillian Tamaki!

Sam Weber is the Art Director at the New York Times, and an award winning illustrator from the Society of Illustrators. Some of his clients include The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Playboy, SPIN, ESPN Magazine, and many more. A somewhat dark recurring theme is evident in his work, and lends part to his favorite medium, ink. While a lot of his work is initially done traditionally, a large number of his pieces are digitally enhanced, lending them to his unmistakable style.

Jillian Tamaki lives and works alongside Sam in their Brooklyn home. Although she mainly works on editorial illustration, she enjoys comics as well; Skim for example, a graphic novel co-created with her cousin Mariko Tamaki. Alongside her editorial work, she recently took up an illustration position at Parsons School Design. She, like her husband Sam has won a Gold medal from the Society of Illustrators, and houses many clients such as the New York Times, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN, Runner's World, just to name a few. The diversity of her work is wonderful, with much of her work first employing ink and later digital color.

::Illest Crew::

Welcome to Illest of Ill 2008!

Hello everyone, this is the first post representing the Illest of Illustration 2008 show. This blog allows us to show and tell you a little more about the up and coming show, as well as a walk down memory lane, looking at the Illest of Ill 2007 show. Links will be added frequently with important information, as well!

This year's event is going to be much more formal than last year's Urban theme. With students dressing up, it will pay homage to the time period in which the Gibson Girl and the Arrow Collar Man hailed from. The theme for the show this year is the Gibson Girl and Leyendecker's Arrow Collar Man. We are excited to see what the students make for the show!

The three people moderating this blog are:

Neil Yarnal

Francis Vallejo and

Andy Espinoza

As an introduction here are a few photos from last year:

::Illest Crew::