T-shirt Mockups

I hope classes are gonig well for everyone!

So here are mock-ups of the Illest of Ill '08 shirts. Right now we have 2 girl shirts (the yellow one by Francis Vallejo and the white one by Adrienne Benitez) and one guy shirt that Francis put together. We are talking to the printers now so we can't guarantee that the shirts will look exactly like these examples but we are looking to get extremely close! They are going to be printed on American Apparel (guys and girls) shirts in all sizes. All the money raised from sales, of course, goes back into the show, and if we sell in excess that money goes back into the department. So as soon as actual shirts begin printing we'll start taking pre-orders. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the shirts.

all the best,
::Illest Crew::


September 2, 2008 at 5:06 AM Francis Vallejo said...

hey folks, this is where you comment...I know it's not the easiest button to find, Im working on making it more obvious...thanks